Dog Seat Belts
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These links are very out of date - if you find new Articles or other Resources, please submit the links on my Feedback Form and I'll update this section.


Does Your Dog Need a Seat Belt? by Lucia Raatma, Readers' Digest. Short article, no product endorsements.

What Happens to a Dog During an Automobile Accident? by djgeiger on Good review on the topic of dog safety in cars. Includes an endorsement for the Ruff Rider Roadie.

Road Sage: Auto Safety Devices for Pets, by Kathleen Moser. Excellent 3-part article on dog safety in cars. Includes information on the Ruff Rider, the Champion, and the Batzi.


Ruff Rider Products - Includes much good (though obviously somewhat self-serving) information on restraining dogs in cars, including an interesting article on the use of crates. Check it out and explore the links.

Canine Automotive Restraint Equipment - Also a good source of information, including many reasons to restrain your dog in the car.

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