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What's on this Site?

All kinds of information I have gathered on a variety of topics - canine agility, sun shelters, backpacking with your dog, and canine restraint systems.  The following links will lead you to more information on these topics.

  • The AgilePooch Blog! I have recently begun using a blog instead of updating this website, and although I haven't transferred everything over, most of my new articles are going there. This blog covers a wide variety of topics of special interest to me, including:
  • Canine Agility Information
    • I'm starting to develop some EZ Guides and FAQs for the rules in USDAA and UKI. My intent is to sort out some common sources of confusion, as well as keep track of the rule changes that never seem to get incorporated into the published rule book and are almost impossible to track down. My first submission is to help determine what Level to enter your dog in UKI.
    • What is Canine Agility - and how do you get started?
    • How do you keep track of all those Titles? Download my Title Tracking spreadsheets. All you do is enter the dates you earned legs, and it automatically shows you which titles you've earned.
      • USDAA Title Tracking spreadsheet - updated (7/18/16) with the following changes:
        • Enhancements
          • Added Diamond Metallics for Championships and individual titling classes
          • Added a Change Log tab to help those who have been using it for a while
        • Bug Fixes
          • Fixed the MPD and APD prerequisites to also look for lower level Ch titles
          • Corrected formulas for Silver and Gold PRCH Metallics (Bronze and Plat were OK)
          • Corrected Date Achieved for Metallic Championships
          • Corrected LAA formulas for Ch Jumpers, Pf Snooker, Pf Relay, and Pf Tournament
      • UKI Title Tracking spreadsheet - Warning, it's brand new and may have some bugs. Please feel free to try it out and let me know what I've messed up.
  • What's on my MP3 player? As one of the unofficial DJ's for the Bay Team trials, I get the opportunity to share (some might say impose) my varied and somewhat eclectic music preferences with those who enter our trials. On the whole the response has been positive. In fact, many people have asked me what is on my MP3 player. I constantly add and change it, but this is what I have as of 8/11/07.
  • Hurricane Katrina: The Lamar-Dixon Chronicles - following Hurricane Katrina, a couple of friends of mine decided to go to New Orleans and help out in the animal rescue efforts.  This led to a grass roots funding drive and volunteer effort within the California agility community that resulted in $7500 dollars being raised to support 10 volunteers traveling to New Orleans over a period of 6 weeks. I have reposted all of the e-mails on my own blog - in chronological order for ease of reading. In addition, I have posted some Photos from our volunteers.
  • Product Reviews - I tend to do a lot of research when I decide to buy a new product. Since I use the Internet a lot to look for reviews, every once in a while I decide to give back by publishing my findings. Once I make a decision, I rarely update, so all of these findings represent what was available at a point in time. I hope you find the information useful, but please accept that it might be out of date. I'm always interested in what's new out there, so if you hear of a new product, please let me know. Just understand that I probably won't express an opinion unless you can also get the manufacturer or supplier to send me a sample. I have updated the seat belt review as of 6/25/12.
  • Photos of Jasmine, Zack, their friends, and the Louisiana rescue

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