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What's on my MP3 player?

As one of two unofficial DJ's for the Bay Team trials (Mike Scannell is the original one), I get the opportunity to share (some might say impose) my somewhat eclectic music preferences at our CPE trials and our USDAA Southwest Regional on Labor Day. In general, the feedback has been positive, so I'll just keep doing it until they beg me to stop. Thanks to the magic of the Rhapsody-To-Go subscription service, I have thousands of tracks available. This service only works with MP3 players that support the PlaysForSure system - sorry all you iPod users, you're out of luck. My interests range from Swing to Funk to Classic Rock to Indie and Adult Contemporary. And a little Novelty thrown in just for fun and to see who's paying attention.

Many people have asked me what is on my MP3 player. I constantly add and change it, but I decided to document my "Outdoor - Variety" play list (updated as of 11/07/2010. This is the one I use for trials - I set the player on Shuffle and let 'er rip, although I recently got tired of repeats from day to day, so I broke it into two lists. The music is all pretty upbeat, quite varied, mostly danceable, and there's something for everybody. As I usually announce at the beginning of every trial, if you don't like what's playing, wait about 3 minutes and it will change.

I also have a special place in my heart for Holiday music, and would listen to it year round if those around me didn't object so strenuously. Bay Team has finally allowed me to indulge my Holiday music obsession by scheduling a trial in December -- hay!  Click here to see the final Holiday Mix.

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