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What's on my MP3 player for The Holidays?

"It's the most wonderful time of the year...", for music anyway.

The Bay Team has allowed me to indulge my Holiday music obsession by scheduling a trial in December! Here are my Top Ten Holiday recording artists, in (roughly) alphabetical order:

  1. The Blenders (Nog, When It Snows, Most Wonderful Time)
  2. Chicago (Chicago Christmas)
  3. Harry Connick (Harry for the Holidays, When My Heart Finds Christmas, What A Night!)
  4. Gloria Estefan (Christmas Through Your Eyes)
  5. Dave Koz (A Smooth Jazz Christmas, December Makes Me Feel This Way)
  6. Mannheim Steamroller (any of their 6 or so albums)
  7. Bette Midler (Cool Yule)
  8. Brian Setzer Orchestra (Boogie Woogie Christmas, Dig That Crazy Christmas)
  9. Trans-Siberian Orchestra (The Lost Christmas Eve - it helps if you've seen the live show)
    and last, but certainly not least:
  10. Bob Rivers (Twisted Christmas, More Twisted Christmas, I Am Santa Claus, Chipmunks Roasting On An Open Fire, not quite so fond of White Trash Christmas)

Here is a preview of the Holiday Mix I have planned. You will notice that there are some duplicates, but the styles are so different that I've decided it's OK. Hopefully, when I Shuffle the Playlist, they won't come up too close.

Last updated 12/02/2012

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