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I tend to do a lot of research when I decide to buy a new product. Since I use the Internet a lot to look for reviews, every once in a while I decide to give back by publishing my findings. Once I make a decision, I don't update so all of these findings represent what was available at a point in time. So I hope you find the information useful, but please don't write to complain that it's out of date or to let me know about new products - I really don't care.

  • Dog Seat Belts - Whether you decide to crate or belt, please restrain your dog in the car at all times.  Here is a summary of specifications and features for the many canine restraint systems on the market.
  • Sun Shelters and Canopies - Sooner or later, you'll want to invest in a canopy to protect you from the sun, wind and rain at Agility Trials. I have summarized my research here - hopefully it will save you some trouble when the time comes.
  • Dog Backpacks - When you decide that you want your pooch to start carrying some of his/her own weight, check out this summary of specifications and features. There is a lot out there, and this reference may help you decide.