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Sun Shelter Feature Comparison

Spring is coming! Folks are gearing up for the agility season, even in the South and West where we donít exactly have winter. As you look over your trial gear for the season, you might be considering adding a canopy to your equipment list.

I recently did a great deal of research while deciding which canopy to buy for rain and sun protection at Agility Trials. Rather than let the information fall by the wayside, I have compiled a summary for others to review. A condensed version of this article is published in the March 2002 edition of Clean Run Magazine.

The variation in canopies is tremendous. But the majority of canopies I see at trials are either the pop-up styles characterized by EZ-Up and Quick-Shade, or the tent style offered by Kelty and others. Some people prefer screen rooms, tents and other type not included in this summary. The topic of canopy preferences comes up periodically on agility e-mail lists, and always results in lively exchanges and lots of opinions. I thought it would be fun to initiate the 2002 discussion by presenting some of the features (and flaws) Iíve found. The price ranges reflect suggested list and available discounts. Iíve listed Online Sources for each, but you may do better to find the item locally; shipping costs on the heavier units can quickly eat up your discount.


  • Features: When selecting a canopy, you must first consider what features are important so you can make a decision that makes sense for you. What are you looking for in a canopy? What is your usage pattern? What are your priorities? These are some things you need to think about when you evaluate a canopy, and I've given you some ideas on this page.
  • Pop-up Canopies: Two companies dominate the pop-up market: EZ-Up and Quik-Shade. Here are details on the various models and options that each company offers
  • Tent-style Canopies: These are also popular at trials. This section outlines the details of models from Kelty and LL Bean.
  • Pop-up Usage Tips: Simple things that I've learned through experience with my pop-up.



Not everybody needs a canopy. Some people make do with pens and tarps, crates and umbrellas, and of course, making friends with someone ELSE who has a canopy. But if you are considering one of your own and looking at options, I hope you find this guide a helpful start.

If you have any questions, comments, corrections, or additions, please send e-mail.

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