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  • Zack can do agility too! Looks like I spoke too soon.  Zack made his debut in the agility ring in Jan 2006 (at the ripe old age of 5) on a course with three sides fenced and the fourth side staffed by a human picket fence of friends, just in case. He came through and Qualified, and we've never looked back.  Since then, he has earned his AD in USDAA (and is competing at the Masters level in both Jumpers and Snooker) and after only three CPE trials, has earned his CL3-H and CL3-F and is well on his way to his CL3 title.

  • Zack has found his calling! Because of his behavioral issues around other dogs and his lack of a solid Recall, Zack's future in open-ring agility is questionable at best. But on a lark, I entered him in the recreational Lure Coursing event at the 2005 USDAA Nationals to see if he'd like it.  He not only liked it, he's a natural - he posted the fastest time of the day and won a Gold Medal!

  • Jasmine has a Brother! In January 2002, we adopted Zack, a 1-yo rescue Border Collie, from the Marin Humane Society. He's a handful, with truckload of baggage, but he's very sweet and we love him.

  • Jasmine does Agility!  Even though she is fast as the wind when running in the woods or after a frisbee, she hasn't yet turned on the speed in the agility ring so she'll never be national champion. But she loves it and performs solidly. She is just one Gamble leg away from her USDAA Championship (ADCh)!

"Why do I cross my paws when I jump?" (Answer on next picture...) Hayward 4/00 "I cross my paws so they don't dangle and hit the bar!" Hayward 4/00 "I don't get the point, but Mom gives me treats when I go through them all.." Placerville 4/00 "I love the chutes and tunnels - sometimes she can't 
keep me out of them!" Novato, 10/99 "My name is Don't jump through
  the wreath, what's yours?" Hayward, 11/00
(First three photos by Tien Tran, xmas wreath photo by Bill Newcomb.)

  • Jasmine does PowerSports! Jasmine took to the JetSki immediately, even jumping on it by herself in anticipation of taking a ride. She always wears a canine PFD in case of a spill. The snowmobile wasn't quite as thrilling for her - too loud and bumpy. But she's game to try anything as long as her folks tell her it's OK.

"This was fun - they couldn't keep me off the thing!" Clear Lake 8/98"I can't wait until next summer when I get to do this again!" Clear Lake 8/98"This wasn't as fun as the JetSki, and besides, the goggles make me look stupid!" Logan Canyon 2/99

  • Jasmine with a few of her friends

"I don't know who this guy is, but he seems friendly enough..." Christmas 98"Duster is part of my pack - sort of a strange dog, 
but we like to snuggle."

  • Jasmine doing what dogs do best - hanging out

"If I sit in Dad's chair, he's sure to come back eventually..."Clear Lake 8/98"I'm pooped after swimming and hiking and chasing critters 
all day" Echo Lake 8/98
"Today, they took me to a great place - the city beach 
in Carmel - no leash required!!!" Monterey 3/99

  • ...and they called it, Puppy Love... (Jasmine and Marco)

    "Marco used to live next door - we grew up together and he is my best 
friend." Summer 98"Can you tell we're buddies?" Summer 98"We used to play for hours every day..." Summer 98"...but then he moved across town. We still get 
together for play dates whenever our folks let us." Fall 98
  • Remember when?  (Was she ever this small?)

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