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Alpine Outfitters: "We "FIT" your dogs needs. Custom Harnesses our Specialty! Quality Sled Dog Equipment" - Wolf Packs packs, books, gifts.

Chinookwind Outfitters: "Working Dog Equipment and Pet Supplies" - Wolf Packs and Wenaha packs, books, gifts.

Dog Works: Water work equipment, draft vehicles and harnesses, tracking, backpacks, and books.

K-9 Power Products: "Your Canine Nutrition and Performance Connection" - Wenaha packs, backpacking books, harnesses.

Nordkyn Outfitters: "The Complete Source for Mushing, Skijoring, Weight-Pulling, Carting and Packing Equipment" - Wenaha, Wolf Packs and Nordkyn packs, harnesses, books.

Perry Greene Outfitters Store: sleds, harnesses, skijoring, carts, booties, Wenaha backpacks, vests.

Sylmar Dogwear: hunting equipment, vests, booties, backpacks, chest and body protectors, protection suit.

Search Gear: Search and Rescue supplies, tracking harnesses, training aids, booties, life preservers, wetsuits (believe it or not), Sylmar and adventure packs.

Trail Hound Gear Shop: 8 lines of dog packs, booties, jackets, custom-made gear, etc. Contact the owner for information on many more products not listed on the website.

A Guide to Backpacking With Your Dog by Charlene LaBelle, October 1992, Alpine Publications; ISBN: 0931866596

Hiking With Dogs : Becoming a Wilderness-Wise Dog Owner (Falcon's How-To Series) by Linda B. Mullally, June 1999, Falcon Publishing Company; ISBN: 1560448172

Hiking With Your Dog by Gary Hoffman, February 1998, ICS Books; ISBN: 1570340773

Nuts 'N Bolts: Hiking With Your Dog by Richard Lerner DVM, November 1994, Menasha Ridge Press; ISBN: 0897321642

On the Trail With Your Canine Companion : Getting the Most of Hiking and Camping With Your Dog by Cheryl S. Smith, April 1996, Amazon; ISBN: 0876054424

Ruffing It : The Complete Guide to Camping With Dogs by Mardi Richmond and Melanee L. Barash, September 1998, Alpine Publications; ISBN: 157779009X

Backpacking with your Dog, from the Newf Gallery. I got a great start on my research from their excellent reference list of Dog Packs and their Sources.

Backpacking with your Dog, by Linda von Hanneken-Martin (owner and designer of Wolf Packs)

Camping with your Dog, by Jayne Cravens

Chinookwind's Pack Hike Intro

Everything Husky, "Your source for information and links on Mushing, Skijoring, Pulking, Dog-packing, Siberians, Malamutes, Samoyeds, working mutts, and anything else you can think of in the realm of dog-powered recreation or competition."

rec.pets.dogs: Canine Activities: Camping and Backpacking FAQ, by Terry Watson (who uses the Wenaha pack)

Trail Dog Mailing List, an E-groups list server for folks who take their dogs on hiking, backpacking and paddling trips

Wolf Packs' Guide to Dog Packing

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