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The Original Appeal (from the AgileDogs list, 9/15/05)

An appeal for help We are running on empty  here in South Louisiana and Gulf Coast animal rescue work and need volunteer  help!

Veterinarians and vet techs are needed urgently at the Lamar-Dixon  Center in Gonzalez, Louisiana.  We also need vets and techs to relieve  the staff at the LSU Hurricane Animal Shelter. Animals arriving at Lamar  Dixon those most recently rescued   need people experienced with  rehydration and re-feeding, also need rehydration supplies (fluids, etc) and  refeeding supplies (Science Diet a/d, etc.)

If you are an  experienced animal rescue worker, shelter worker, shelter volunteer, or an  experienced amateur animal handler who is willing to scrub cages and so  forth, you are needed for animal care at Lamar-Dixon.  They are desperate for help.  This is get-down-and-dirty work.  Non-professional volunteers, please realize that this is VERY  hard, dirty work.  Not a situation to bring little kids to cuddle the  kittens.  There will be time for that later.  Right now we just  need the animals washed, clean cages, feeding and watering. Please  also contact any professional humane officers you know or your local animal  control agency and urge them to send at least one officer to help with out  efforts.

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